Hagas lo que hagas, ámalo, como amabas la cabina del Paradiso cuando eras niño.
Haz lo que te guste, aún si eso te quita tiempo :)


↳ Below the cut are 76 small and high quality gifs of perfect model princess Anais Pouliot. She’s absolutely gorgeous and could play just about any role, so I really recommend using her! All of these gifs were made by me. Please do not use them in graphics or include them in other gif hunts. They were made for roleplaying purposes only. If you intend to use them or find this helpful, please like or reblog this post. Thank you! (Please note that some of the gifs are semi NSFW.)


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beia beia con el pelo largo :) #HayleyWilliams
un sabio consejo 
jajduadjuadjua dios me los comi todos :C